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Build a brand and ecommerce network from the ground up, along with the publication and production books and merchandise.


Creation of Full Ecommerce Brand.


The main character of Karina Fredericks’ book series Grumbalina, is a young fairy who doesn’t sugar coat her opinions on growing up in the clouds. Not only did we resonate with each of her stories and the lessons throughout them, we also recognized their global potential and felt passionate about sharing Grumbalina with the world.


Starting with a complete positioning refresh and a professional editing evaluation, our team was able to infuse Karina’s already-magical narrative with a strategic marketing approach. This work then evolved into a shiny new social persona for Grumbalina – featuring an updated look, feel, and voice, all backed by a comprehensive strategy plan and detailed creative guidelines. We built an action-packed brand roadmap for the year, outlining each stop on our year-long journey to sky-high success. Following our plan closely, we not only launched a fully redesigned e-commerce website, but also an adorable lineup of merchandise to match!


  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce Services
  • Creative Services
  • Merchandise Ideation and Production
  • Publishing
  • New-to-Market Distribution and Logistics Management


If you have something incredible to sell, you’re our niche.