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Our Team

Kyle Verge


Denisa Balla

Vice President, Strategy & Growth

Stephan Guenette

Director, Creative Services

Oscar Yu

Director of Strategy and Performance

Patrick MacNeill

Manager, Digital Growth & Performance

Milveen Eke-Allen

Account Director

Nikita Kumar

Account Director

Jozef Winter

Head of Human Resources

Paul Verge

Financial Controller

Didi Ekeh

Campaign Manager (Search and Social)

Abhinandan Dixit

SEO and GA Specialist

Alyssa Halberstadt

Account Coordinator

Sarah Riaz

Account Coordinator

Harshit Mishra

E-Commerce & Amazon Specialist

Klejdi Xheko

Social Media Specialist

Danette Pinto

Campaign Coordinator Intern

Daniel Gayoso

Junior Graphic Designer

Hayley Steinman

Senior Copywriter

Holly Cambruzzi

Content Specialist

Taylor Ranta

Designer & Community Manager

Karl Chen

Associate Creative Director

If you have something incredible to sell, you’re our niche.